Lindy Focus Party / Massage Time!

There are some events that you spend most of the year excited for. For some of us, it’s Christmas, or New Years, or Halloween, or a birthday, or that first warm day of spring.

And for me, it’s Lindy Focus.

Lindy Focus - credit Jerry Almonte

Lindy Focus – credit Jerry Almonte

Lindy Focus is the best of times, and the better than best of times. And in my crazy way, I decided to combine my two loves — massage and dance — and do them every day, to their fullest extent. My beautiful, lovely, perfect friend Bee drove my massage table down early, and I’m bringing all the things I need to have the sessions I like to share with my clients.

Click here for sign up logistics — ie. (date, time, length of session)!

(If you didn’t dig that form, please send an email to aries (at) freedbodyworks (dot) com with your ideal date, time, and length of time for the session.)

There is a whole TEAM of massage therapists + bodyworkers at Focus, so please feel free to contact them when you’re on site! All massage therapists are different, and each person generally finds the person who fits them best. The team is:

Elyse Sparkes 

Theta Drivon

Danielle Knight

Kiyomi Kubo

Jame Corrar

they are all awesome! The lesson here is: get bodywork. And take time to recover after a full day of dancing. Maybe swim a few laps at the pool, or lay around in the sauna. Give your body a chance to enjoy all the wonderful dancing.


Date: Any, right now. I’m working each day (the 27th through the 1st)!

Time: 1:00pm through 5:00pm. **

Length: I’m willing to do a session of any length, from 5 minutes to 2 hours. That being said, I’m expecting most sessions to be 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes. I’ll put you in my fancy-dancy scheduling software, and we’ll be all set.

Things to know:

— Sessions can be focused on one particular area (ie. right shoulder, feet, neck, calves, IT band etc.), or be whole body sessions, depending on what you’d prefer. I do deep tissue work, focused primarily on chronic pain and injury recovery.

 I’m charging a dollar per minute for table time, but the intake conversation time is free. So, for a 60 minute session at 2:00pm, we’d probably spend the first 15 minutes speaking, and then we’d go for 60 minutes, so you’d be all done at 3:20pm. Just so you know. I am also willing to do trades with other professionals, though all trades must be discussed.

— I want folks to feel comfortable asking for body work, and receiving the benefits of it. I feel passionately about helping the folks in this community, my community, feel less pain while doing the thing we love.

— It’s my first time working at this venue, so I’m still working out a few details, but this is how I generally work in my practice, and I’d love to give folks my best.

That’s the scoop. Please email me at aries (at) freedbodyworks (dot) com with any questions, and I encourage you to also work with my fabulous colleagues. See you on the dance floor!

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