Iron Aries!

I was a chubby kid. And an unhealthy teen.

But as a grown-up, I’ve tried to found something close to a happy medium through regular exercise. Running, dancing, and calisthenics are my self-care.

As a massage therapist, I’ve definitely been pushed, both physically and mentally, to have a more complete understanding of bodies. I seen a number of clients in regards to pain management and injury recovery, and in our sessions, I’ve craved a more complete understanding of kinesthesiology and anatomy. I’ve wanted to be more skilled at explaining “good” soreness and “bad” soreness, and be more able to field questions about athletic training. I want to learn all the things.

As a therapist, I also need to keep my own body in tip-top shape. It’s challenging to deliver consistent pressure when I’m exhausted. It’s hard to convey relaxation when I’m struggling.  And I don’t want to be one of the massage therapists that burn out in two years because I’ve blown out my thumbs/shoulders/wrists.

To get a better handle on it, I’ve decided to pursue my personal trainer certification through the ACE. After research and interviews within my field, I’ve learned that through the ACE, I can gain more knowledge about exercise physiology, stretching, and strengthening that I can pass on to my clients. While I can currently recommend stretches that have worked for me, I’d love to offer more informed advice for my clients.

I’m also been deeply inspired by my clients. Many of my clients are athletic — I work with triathletes, endurance cyclists, runners, and folks who have 2 year olds. I have larger-bodied clients who can out-pace me and out-run me any day of the week. Goodness knows, I could take a page from their books.


Also, She-Hulk is one of my heroes.

So, here’s my plan:

– begin ACE process (10/17)

– shadow a trainer once a week (start: today! Thanks, Chris!)

– take new fitness class weekly (10/16) *

– take class via University of Pennsylvania on Anatomy of the Upper Limb (start: 10/22)

– blog weekly updates (oh hey!)


Hopefully, through these different vantages, I’ll be able to gain the type of learning I crave and keep myself accountable. I learn best with a lot of practice, and I know that within training, I’ll need to keep myself varied in my approaches to material. I’ll be trying the “random” schedule as opposed to a “block” schedule  to increase my retention.

Wish me luck!

** To keep my body in a constant state of learning, I’ve decided to try a different type of exercise each week.

This week, I tried a TRX class at Off Road Cycling, taught by Devlin. I found the class extremely challenging, but very productive. I felt my balance improved, my glutes a bit sore, and a strange… presence in my triceps. I went around for the next day encouraging / annoying my friends to touch my triceps. I’d definitely repeat the class, but note that it’s not ideal for folks with shoulder injuries.

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