A triumphant return!

Dearest friends and clients,

The fall has begun, and with it, my return to Washington! I just returned this week from lovely Ann Arbor, Michigan, and have availability in my schedule. If you’d still like to get in soon, shoot me an email or check out the Freed online scheduler. I do receive cancellations, and I’d love to find a time to work with you. I’ll be available in DC until December, and then back in March, when I return from southeast Asia, equipped with improved Thai massage skills.

About two weeks ago, the Freed Team put up a great blog post on vulnerability that made me consider how vulnerable my clients are to me. More than ever, I value that trust that you show in me, both with your bodies and your lives. I definitely agree with Frances: “Being authentically myself is the best way I know best how to show, not tell someone, that I’m present and trustworthy.”

Yet during sessions, I struggle to voice that authentic self, in a way that still allows me to connect fully, and do all the tasks we hope to accomplish in our short time together. In no way do I seek to vent to my clients, or allow my struggles to intrude on my workspace. But I want you to know that your vulnerability is heard and seen by me, and that I, in turn, wish you to know my own life and my misadventures.

So, my apologies if this post feels unduly personal in a self-obsessed snake person fashion — it’s my hope to show, in my clumsy fashion, what’s going on underneath.

So, how was Michigan, you ask?

To my great delight, Michigan is covered in lakes. Michigan seems like the northern mirror of Louisiana — there’s plentiful waterways and huge forests across the northern section of the state, even south of “God’s Country.” Given a swath of free time, I spent as much time in said forests, rivers and lakes as possible. I went kayaking *for the first time ever in my life* down the Huron River, singing all the songs from Pocahontas around each riverbend. I ran down every trail of the Nichols Arboretum, often visiting my friend Stevia in her caretaker’s cabin in the woods.

View of the Huron River from the Nichols Arboretum

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