Just doing it. (Iron Aries #2!)

In my experience, there are three parts of training:

1. Plan it. *

2. Do it.

3. Record it.

Of these three, I am definitely best at the “doing it” part, and I’m starting to see results. (Thanks, in honesty, to Chris.)

The results do not look at all like this. Because I am a human.


I love to work out. Really. Exercise has been an amazing self-care resource for me. (See Iron Aries #1) I can manage my frighteningly high energy levels (I’m a frustratingly excitable person), become stronger, faster, and more tireless. Through exercise, I have more fortitude to eat healthy, and a bit more cheerful through the glumness of winter.

That said, I’ve never had a plan.

Until I planned to see A Trainer.

And with some planning, I found an excellent trainer: Chris.

In the past two weeks, I’ve worked on my strength, thanks to Chris, and his LinkFit program. Seeing a trainer regularly has always been a goal of mine, and Chris’s advice, planning, and support has made it easy to do the thing I do best: Just doing it.

And doing exercises that really, really push me. Functional, full-body strengthening exercises (at least three times a week).

In this metaphor-gif, Chris is the cat.

Cool thing: my strength has decidedly increased. Considerably.

I can run longer and faster, I can do actual push-ups, and my re-occurring shoulder injury has piped down. My lunges are in nice, clean lines, with diminished wobbling. At a recent dance event, I went into the jam circle and felt pretty good about my ability to kick ass at 280 bmp. I’m not as afraid that Lindy Focus will destroy me. I’m also feeling what a more developed core feels like, and it’s pretty dang skippy– my lower back has never been happier. Our warm-up, which used to exhaust me, now exhilarates me. I’m not aiming for weight loss, but I’ve noticed less softness around my midsection, and my pants feel somewhat… airy. I just punched another hole into my belt. I have some muscles now.

That being said, the look of health has never been as meaningful as the feeling of health. Knowing that I can give all my energy to my clients, without destroying my own body (and mind), is an incredible feeling. I’m happy, not only to do all the push-ups, but to become a stronger, and more capable, therapist.

* So, massage therapy is a difficult, attention-demanding, full-time job. I find that after a day of focusing on people (and their muscles), my ability to write full sentences on the internet, or plan logistics is significantly compromised. This upsets me, as I do have a very “organizer” mentality. My tendency is to lead, to involve myself, to volunteer, and to assist in the execution of events. Never a borrower or a lender or a mere participant be. In the last few weeks, I’ve helped planned events that I can’t attend which has, in honesty, shook me. I’ve started to feel burned out, and I realize I need to take better approaches to managing my different work-flow.

Basically, I’m relearning how to plan… better.*

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