The “Secret Weapon” Against Back Pain.

From NPR, on creating a “back resilience plan,” using activity, stress reduction, regular sleep:

I had to resort to my secret weapon: I showed her an 11-minute educational video created by Dr. Mike Evans of Toronto.

You may be familiar with Evans’ work, even if you’ve never heard of him. He’s the man behind the famous “23 1/2 Hours” whiteboard video that says the single-best move for health is being active for a half-hour or so a day. The video became a viral Internet sensation, racking up millions of page views, and even a shoutout on the hit TV show Orange Is the New Black.

… Evans points out that the most common mistake with low back pain is to stop being active. The other common problem is worrying that the pain will never get better.

Evans, who is 50, teaches us that back pain is something we’re all vulnerable to and for which it makes sense to have a coping strategy ready.

Has Evans, who still plays hockey, ever had back pain? “I’m a member of the 90 percent club,” he affirmed, meaning that like the vast majority of us, he’s both had back pain and that it has improved on its own.

Fortunately for my patient, she wound up in the same club. At her next visit, she smiled and reminded me of the video’s punch line: “Movement is medicine.”

Read more here at NPR, and watch the awesome youtube video by Dr. Mike Evans! Movement is medicine!



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